BAT 2.0 Videos by CBATIs

Here's a great BAT 2.0 session by Jennie Murphy, CBATI, CGN, DN-FSG from Newfoundland. What do you see? Pay special attention to the suggestions that Jennie gives her client during this first session.

Here is an older video by Jennie. (One change: the leash drags on the ground, but it's mostly really well done).

See the video below by Dennis Fehling, CBATI from Oregon. Note that this is a great session, but there's always a little room for improvement! I love that he stops to just play with that stick a few times. Slow and steady wins the race. Unfortunately, there's one point after he changes position where he's alerting, changes direction, then the group sort of pushes him toward the trigger, but he's mostly free to do what he wants (except for go straight forward).there, it will be a good way to find a trainer near you.