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Lessons on dealing with frustration

Course Overview (Syllabus)

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Read through the lessons at your own pace. Every 2-4 lessons, we will pause to give you some tasks to practice. Each set of lessons with practice is meant to take about a week or so.

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The agenda is listed with weekly lessons, but you can take whatever time you need.  Most people actually take about 2 weeks per lesson. You keep access to the course on our site and can log in any time.

Week 1: What is Frustration?

  • Dictionary Definition
  • Human examples
  • What Does Frustration Look Like in Dogs
  • How Do I Know Whether It’s Frustration or Fear? Does it Matter?
  • Why is My Dog Doing This?
  • Course Overview
  • Training: Practice BAT Leash Skills
  • Training: On/Off Switch

Week 2: Reducing Arousal

  • Exercise (What to do and what to avoid)
  • Brain Games
  • Diet
  • Other Tips to Reduce Arousal
  • Training: Conditioning Relaxation
  • Training: Sudden Environmental Change as an On Switch

Week 3: Control is a Basic Need

  • Science on Control
  • More Please Signal
  • Premack's Principle -- Overview
  • Training: Hand Targeting
  • Training: Mark and Move and other Survival Skills (brief review)

Week 4: Meeting Needs

  • Using Premack's Principle Wisely
  • What are YOUR Dog’s Unmet Needs?
  • Training: On/Off Switch with Premack's Principle
  • Training: Speed Training for Loose Leash Walking

Week 5: BAT

  • BAT Set-Up for Frustration
  • History of BAT & Frustration
  • Training: Silky Leash Technique for Loose Leash Walking

Week 6: Predictability and Consistency

  • Why Predictability and Consistency are Important
  • “What do you want me to do?”
  • “What works here?”
  • How to Add Predictability to Your Dog’s Life
  • BAT Set-Up for Frustration