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New Radio Interview on BAT

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Listen to this Alaska radio interview from yesterday about BAT. It covers some information about what BAT is, why I moved to Alaska in the dead of winter last year, and the upcoming seminars in that state. I'm doing a 2-hour public BAT seminar in Anchorage next week Saturday, August 10, from 10 am to noon and the 5-day instructor's course for dog trainers in Anchorage at the end of August. Both should be fun and informative. 🙂

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Grisha Speaks Italian (not)

I don't actually speak Italian, but my seminar on aggression, frustration and fear in dogs this summer in Italy will be translated into Italian. Here is a video of an interview with me and Daniela Cardillo, the host for the seminar in Milan on 22-23 June, 2013. I'm dubbed over in Italian...

"BAT SEMINAR in Italia il 22 e 23 giugno 2013, con Grisha Stewart"

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May seminars: Ohio and Rhode Island

I have a few seminars coming up that don't have websites, so I wanted to say a little about them.

  • Warwick, Rhode Island: May 5, 2012, full-day seminar on BAT. Hosted by Susan Parker, contact for registration and information.
  • Toledo, Ohio: May 6, 2012, 4-hour seminar on BAT. Hosted by Tina Ferner and Agility Angels. Contact for registration and information.
  • Mentor, Ohio: May 7, 2012, 4-hour seminar on Troubled Teens and BAT. This actually has a website, but I'm mentioning it since it's on the same trip as the other seminars.

2 BAT Talks at APDT

(Lili Chin and I at the book signing)

I did two talks on BAT at the US conference for positive dog training hosted by the APDT. There was a 90 minute talk with videos and a 3 hour talk with live demo. I think both turned out well! Dogwise said they sold all but 4 of the BAT books they brought, and lots of awesome trainers came up to tell me they enjoyed the talk, so I think I did ok getting the word out about BAT.

There were a lot of people interested in participating in the research study on BAT, which will begin in earnest early next year. I'll post info here soon.

I now get November and December off from speaking, then a full 2012 series of seminars (see many of them on the right of this page). Happy BATting!