(2.5) Pause to Practice

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Congratulations, you made it through the reading for week 2! Your future self is going to appreciate this time and effort.

  1. Keep going with your habit change from last week, including marking successfully doing the new habit on your calendar. Report to the Facebook group on any other habit changes you’re making.
  2. Write out a vision of your perfect life. As you go throughout your day, get a sense of whether the activities you do are in line with that vision. Are there any upcoming opportunities that you could say no to because they don’t really meet your needs?
  3. Express gratitude to someone this week using NVC. Bonus: share how it went to the Facebook group.
  4. As you look back on your week, see if you have any areas of your life in which your boundaries are violated or maybe too rigid. This can be with people or animals. Consider setting a healthy boundary, starting with something small that feels relatively safe.  I recommend posting in the Facebook group in advance to get help on what to say or do, or report back after the fact.