(6.6) Pause to Practice & Course Wrap-Up

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You’ve made it to the last practice! I hope that this course inspired you to want to learn even more, to take these practices to a deeper level.

  • Practice mindful listening, either active listening or as a Heart with Ears. It may help to film it to see if you truly did keep listening or if you tried to change the subject or focus in some way.
  • Teach a friend how to be a Heart with Ears and take turns sharing stories for a few minutes each.
  • What are the most useful lessons from this course? What will you take with you? Share that with the H2H Facebook group. I’d love to hear what you found most useful.
  • I’d highly recommend working through the Grief Recovery Handbook for one of the major relationships in your life (parents make good ones). Pair up with a friend to do so or ask someone in the H2H Facebook group to be your partner. You’ll both need to read the book and read letters to each other. You can also just read it to your therapist.
  • Please stay in the H2H Facebook group, as active as works for you. If you are gone for a while, don’t worry. You’re part of the tribe and will be welcomed back with open arms.
  • Share other resources that you come across with us – books, online courses, etc. I have a thread for sharing resources in the Facebook group or you can post on the main wall.

Thank you SO much for being a part of this course and for your continued work in this area. We are all making the world a better place by improving our own outlooks.

I hope you were able to find something helpful here. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please email me using the contact form on this site. Sending you much love and encouragement!

May you be safe, may you be loved, may you be satisfied. ❤️