BAT Set-Ups Live Practice Course Winter 2020: Shelter Dog Sessions

Start Date: January 17, 2020, 7 am - 8:30 am Pacific

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If you are registered, please log in to access it. The archived course will be available for sale in late February. In the meantime, check out our currently available self-study courses or our next live course: Dog Aggression Case Consults with Michael Shikashio starting 2/20/20.

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BAT Set-Ups Practice Course: Main topics

  • How to coach clients to use BAT for dog aggression, frustration, and fear, including the BAT leash skills.
  • How to choose a training location to do BAT.
  • How to choose and change the environment to promote exploration and safety.
  • How to manage training set-ups in real-time, to maximize learning and minimize stress.
  • Shelter-specific advice for dog reactivity.
This is the dog we worked with in the course. She is an intense dog, with a combination of frustration and aggressive behavior toward other dogs.

In this innovative course, BAT developer Grisha Stewart will coach an animal shelter team as they learn to do BAT set-ups for dog reactivity. Grisha will be live on video chat with the shelter, with the help of Certified BAT Instructor Laura Harrington. Laura is on-site for hands-on instruction and training set-up management.

And you'll get to see it all!

We haven't made our final selection for dog yet, because the shelter population can change so quickly. But we will definitely be working with a dog who shows aggression, fear, and/or frustration to other dogs. If the dog gets adopted, we will hopefully keep working with the new caregiver, or we may work with another dog.

We’ve got you covered! All live videos will be recorded and stay in your library to view at your own pace. This course will earn CEUs for Pro members who are CPDT trainers. Your Pro membership must be current on the reporting date of April 1.


Some understanding of Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT 2.0) is required.

What's Happening in the Course?

The shelter team meets for 6 sessions, and you'll get to see them all, as well as review them with Grisha:

  • Pretraining: The shelter team will watch the Empowered Animals BAT 2.0 series (not included with this course)
  • Session 1 is a Q&A from the videos, a brief history of the dog, and practice with BAT leash skills, as well as going over the features of the training area(s).
  • Sessions 2-6 focus on training set-ups, with BAT and whatever else seems appropriate at the time.

BATlogo-colorWhat YOU will be getting in this course:

  • There are two weekly live videos, one of which is a bonus:
    • Raw Sessions, in which Grisha coaches a shelter team remotely, and
    • Review Sessions in which Grisha comes back on live to explore the sessions with you (course students) and the shelter team.
  • Review Sessions: These are the main course content. Grisha will be reviewing the weekly training sessions on Fridays from 7 am to about 8:30 am Pacific time. Grisha will be live on audio and sometimes video.
  • You can ask questions during the Review Sessions using a chat window.
  • Bonus Raw Sessions: We will share the LIVE training sessions on Wednesdays at 7 am Pacific. Technology can be glitchy, and we expect that sometimes this may not work, so this isn't the main feature of the course. Please consider this a bonus, and if it works, yay!
    When the live feed appears for the Raw Sessions, you'll be able to share comments and questions, but we may not get to them until the review session on Fridays. We meet for two hours and plan to do about 30 minutes total of set-ups with the dogs.
  • Recordings of the Raw Sessions and Session Reviews will be available later, too, for you to watch any time.
  • Pro ABBA members also earn 9 CPDT CEUs. Click here for details.
Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) has quickly become a commonly used force-free technique to rehabilitate and prevent (over)reactivity. If you've already started learning about this useful, naturalistic technique, but want to see it in practice, this is your chance!

About the Instructor

Grisha Stewart. Photo by Riley Walters.

This course is taught by Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA, KPACTP. Leash skills will be heavily emphasized in this practical course, because they are the very foundation of BAT.
Note: Intro to BAT is a pre-requisite for all of the later BAT courses. If you already registered for this course elsewhere, you get free access here in ABBA. [Access Request Info]

Here are the list of posts in this course, which will eventually include the live videos. The links don't work unless you're logged in and registered for the course.

Providence Animal CenterShelter: We are working with dogs at the newly redesigned Providence Animal Center in Media, Pennsylvania.

A portion of proceeds will go to the shelter and adopters of all student and helper dogs in this course will get a free copy of the BAT book, the Ahimsa Dog Training Manual, and the streaming Empowered Animals BAT 2.0 series as an adoption gift.

If you'd like to adopt one of these dogs or want your shelter to participate in this course next time, please contact us.

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Harnesses: All dogs in the course will be wearing the Balance Harness created by Lori Stevens, generously donated by Blue-9.

Studio audience: If you'd like to be part of the studio audience (with me in Eugene, Oregon, not with the student dog), please register for the course and let me know if you're coming on Wednesdays or Fridays, or both. I might put you to work helping me answer questions.