BAT Teamwork Seminars Create a Canine Connection (Press Release)

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Creating a Canine Connection
The art of connecting with your dog is more powerful than ever
BAT Teamwork Seminars with Grisha Stewart

Anchorage, Alaska. January, 2016 –  One of the main dog training controversies of the last several decades is whether or not to train with aversive force, especially when dealing with aggression. Prong collars, choke chains, and electronic collars are just a few of the tools that have been banned in several countries but are still promoted by trainers who are not well versed in modern training techniques.

Grisha Stewart, one of the most prolific dog trainers in the world, is on a mission to replace intimidation with empowerment. “I understand why people may have used these tools, but decades of research and practice tell us that there is no reason to train with pain or fear.” She explains that there are better solutions for every dog issue, including positive reinforcement, clicker training and the technique she developed, Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT). “As caregivers, we have the opportunity to facilitate two-way communication, empower animals to meet their needs, and teach them how to actively cooperate. This can help us rehabilitate aggression and means things like grooming, vet procedures, and everyday life don’t have to be a battle.”

Stewart, an international speaker, author, and dog trainer, has helped dog trainers and caregivers worldwide use BAT to rehabilitate and prevent reactivity, including aggression, frustration and fear. She founded the online Animal Building Blocks Academy (ABBA) and will be bringing her empowerment training techniques and philosophy to communities here in the United States with her BAT Teamwork Seminars. Her tours begin in the Northeast, then continue to the UK, the West Coast and Northwest portion of the states. “My goal with these seminars is to help people understand what motivates behavior,” she says, “so they can solve and prevent a lot of problems, from aggression, fear, and frustration to everyday manners. Making some key changes in how we interact with our dogs can have a profound effect on everyone’s quality of life.”

Grisha will teach two BAT Teamwork Seminars in New York City: February 26, 2016 from 7-9 pm and March 10, 2016 from 2-4 pm, at the NYU Torch Club located at 18 Waverly Place. Tickets are available now at $59 per person, with discounts for Grisha’s ABBA students. A portion of proceeds will be donated to NYC animal organizations Partnership for Shelter Animals and Bully Project as well as SPCA Westchester in Briarcliff, NY.

The BAT Teamwork Seminar is designed for dog owners and professionals who care for dogs such as trainers, dog walkers, pet sitters, shelter/rescue volunteers, groomers and veterinarian staff. Attendees will get an overview of BAT for reactivity and learn the fundamentals of creating reliable relationships through communication and empowered problem solving.

Grisha Stewart is Certified Professional Dog Trainer and author specializing in dog reactivity and cooperative care. She is the author of one of the industry’s top three best selling books on dog behavior modification, Behavior Adjustment Training: BAT for Fear, Frustration, and Aggression in Dogs. Her highly anticipated follow-up, BAT 2.0 is due for release February 10, 2016. She is the founder of Ahimsa Dog Training center in Seattle and Empowered Animals, LLC in Alaska. She has a Masters in mathematics with additional graduate coursework in psychology and animal behavior. Grisha is a rock climber who lives in Palmer, Alaska with patient husband, a sweet lap cat, a spirited old dog, and a lively new pup.